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Memorial day weekend (NYC 2015). Everyone should make it his or her business to visit New York City during Fleet Week as it is a powerful reminder of why memorial day is so important. Visiting active duty American service men/woman, shaking their hands, thanking them for their service, remembering those that have given (for real)  is something that every real american citizen should feel they must do.

For me one of the highlights of this weekend was a visit abord the USS San Antonio (LPD-17).  The sailors, marines and coast guardsman were some of the finest examples of young american men and women, that I have ever had the pleasure to meet. The lesson and meanings of that day were not lost on a single person that I met.

"On this Memorial Day, we honor the sacrifices of prior generations. We honor the sacrifices of the men and women next door who have served or continue to serve our country. And we pledge never to forget the true meaning of Memorial Day. We would not have the privilege of celebrating this day and honoring so many memories without the sacrifices of those who gave their last full measure of devotion."