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Odds and Ends on a Rainy Monday

Today was a particularly odd day. Josh got himself up this morning and when I came down to check on him he said, “Mondays are always tuff, nomatter what time you got to sleep on sunday”. I thought; man, you don’t know the half of it.

Of course I made it to the train in time to hear about the “Newsday: Trails End Bed Bugs Article” from a semi-concerned soaking  wet friend. I already knew about all of that stuff but still find it interesting how news travels.  Even more interesting was the response from camp which I personally  found comforting.

The next “off thing” was a poster on the train for (saw you on the train) which I think is some oddly constructed web site that is like a “b” movie for hooking people up that you casually noticed on the train. Like thats really gonna work.

Spent a whole bunch of time researching current version of many of the  open source components we use. Seems like this project will take some time. oh well.

I’m back on my shortcut kick I particularly like the “control appwiz.cpl” shortcut. Of course there is a more complete description of control panel files on the Microsoft support site.

And finally back on the small appliance front, kudos to LG and Home Depot. All my stuff is once again working like new. Final cost, stay tuned.


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