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Thanksgiving 2010

So it’s thanksgiving day 2010 and we are all still here, plugged into the matrix, living out our lives, growing more dependent on technology then ever before. As I sit on the long island railroad headed east, I peck out this post on my IPad, listening to Coldplay (the escapist) on my iPod, surrounded by other iPeople and their devices. Communicating constantly, tapping or talking, looking for instant amusement. I carry no less then 5 separate devices with global connectivity capability and yet I feel more alone and isolated then ever. And I am sure it will only get worse. I remember reading the Arthur C. Clarke novel 2010, as a boy and thinking how far away that was. This year my father turned 80 and he told me when he looked in the mirror he was happy to see his father smiling back. Anyway, I remember thinking about the line, all these worlds are yours and how I never considered the concept as applied to inner space. Now I simply think well maybe something is going to happen, something wonderful. Its good to be a dad.

So I am thankful, for my family, for health and happiness and hockey and grapes. Gobble-Gobble!

M 😉

Ps I stumbled across the greatest secret in the world, so I thought I’d share…