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The new York scrum

Last week I spent three days attending a Learning Tree course entitled “Agile Project Management With Scum” Course 918.
I took this course because I was looking for some validation on what my scrum team had been doing and I figured that this was an easy way to achieve it. And anyway the company had some education vouchers so it was pretty easy to arrange.

Getting up real early and riding the subway downtown had some real surprises. First of all, I had forgotten that if you leave the house real early, then parking at the station is easy as there are many many spots. Also the subway downtown pre-rush hour is pleasant, although the extra 15-20 mins each way kinda sucks. But the biggest thing that I had forgotten is how simply wonderful lower Manhattan is in the morning.

The facility is located at One New York Plaza-31st Floor. This spot is across the street from South Ferry, and has a great view of the waterfront including Governors Island, the Statue of Liberty, and the rest of the harbour. I have not really spent much time downtown since the summer before 9-11, so this was a pleasure. I roamed around quite a bit and kept thinking about the “Gangs of New York“.

The course was lead be a guy named Maurice Hagar who was reasonably well trained as a “professional teacher”. These classes always feel like they are a little heavy in the marketing aspects of “professional education” but I guess everyone needs to make a buck. There were at least 25 attendees and while the information disseminated can be learned from books there is nothing like being forced into participation with a group of strangers. I had initially thought that I was going to hate this, but it turned out to be really ok. And the whole experience was worthwile.

Sometime agile is referred to as fragile. In the end the all we need to do to tighten up our current agile process is to get a little stricter with out adherence to the principles and maybe do a little less scrum but.

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