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Thoughts on a long and healthy battery life

So today, I woke up as usual, ran thru the morning rituals, ate breakfast, grabbed the keys and phone and out the door I went, A very typical day. I jumped on the train, found a seat and then started my work day (I get 1 hour each way, 5 days a week, 4 weeks a month. So I basically work an additional 40 hour week on the train).

First I check my phone and notice it is off. I try to boot it a few times and realize, no power, way lo battery as it flickers off. Who knows why, maybe the charger wasn’t really plugged in or maybe some-one switch batteries on me (again!). Like I said a typical day. So I pull out the laptop, as this is Ubuntu 12.04 LTS release time, now is a great time to play with it. As I open the lid, I notice that it is powered off. Like the phone, I try to boot and cant get passed the bios check. Like the phone, another device is dead again. Next up I the iPad and it’s batter meter is red with 5% left. I try using it a but but shortly device #3 is doa. So I pull out my workout iPod nano, at least I can tune out the trip. Guess what, another fail.

Holy moly, did we have an EMP burst? So here I sit on the electric train with no electronics to use. Perhaps its time to read. I check my bag and no books, no mags, no papers except an old paycheck envelope. So I grab a pen and begin to write, Old school. Why does the simple act of writing with a pen seem like such a luxury in 2012. Here I sit on a quiet train, traveling with my thoughts and the time to compose and record them by hand (which is beginning to hurt since its been a long time since I’ve written more then a signature). As I look around I notice I am the only one with a pen, in hand. Everyone is glaring at the tiny devices; tablets, phones, laptops, etc. I am surrounded by energy and yet I have none of my own. I guess this is the real reason why, I don’t like Mondays. Ive always know that I had no real power. It’s a good thing we don’t need to remember to recharge ourselves.

Live Long and Prosper

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