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The script king

I have always been a scripter. To me scripting is the glue that binds the universe together. I have claimed that I am like a classic composer, creating beautiful symphonies out of concepts and code. Each movement, designed to evoke strong emotional reaction.

As a conductor it is script that drives the story home. It brings together a prelude, body and epilog in a way that allows us to look at something of interest in a holistic manner.

Scripting is often explained as the nirvana of high-level programming that is both abstract and concise, devoid of difficut low-level details (memory, performance, etc…)

Scripting appeals to the “hacker” element in our collective conscience by providing us with the
ability to drive a project’s design and development. There is a famous column by a well known
language designed Paul Graham entitled hackers and painters, where he says:

“What hackers and painters have in common is that they’re both makers. Along with
composers, architects, and writers, what hackers and painters are trying to do is
make good things. They’re not doing research per se, though if in the course of trying
to make good things they discover some new technique, so much the better.”

So this in a nutshell describes a core premise of my own working life.

“Sometimes what the hackers do is called “software engineering,” but this term is just as misleading.
Good software designers are no more engineers than architects are. The border between
architecture and engineering is not sharply defined, but it’s there. It falls between what and how:
architects decide what to do, and engineers figure out how to do it.”

So a final thought, script; as it relates to life the universe and everything.  For many years I have been a fan of one of the more interesting authors of our times, the late great Douglas Adams who somehow had a finger on the british humorist version of computing where the earth is itself is hadoop

relational humor (:
scott adams (dilbert),  douglas adams (hhgh),  douglas cutting (hadoop)
) yahoo!

And thinking along those lines are do we live our lives by acting out our life-script.

Is our life-script instantiated at birth as:

var script = new life();

for(var yearofyourlife=0; yearofyourlife < 100; yearofyourlife++);