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Stevedore in the Fog

I have always been connected to the water. Staring out of my office window, gazing over downtown New York, I sometimes think about the what the city looked like during mid 19th century “Gangs of New York” times. I imaging myself as a dockworker loading and unloading ships only to realize I am a stevedore even now.

For the past year, many of the projects that I have engaged in have been about developing cloud delivered containers for large scale applications. The work allows me to maintain a sharp focus on a “Big Things” agends while continously delivering useful and reusable components.  To me the cloud is a reborn technology that encourages better architecture. The cloud of the now is simply understood as “Compute, Storage and Networking”; pure constructs in the cyberspace of Gibsons, Neuromancer.

Docker… Docker… Docker…   is the enabling technology that brings the devops estibador, super-scripting-power. The question is: how do we unravel the bigger messes and produce cloud native components that are robust but simple. Hopefully the answer will materialize soon enough

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