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Know Thyself

photo-4Who are you? What do you Do?
Do you really know?

I love to build things. I like to play with hardware, IoT and other digitally driven real world magic . As a young software artisan, I rose thru the ranks of development organizations like doing laps in a pool. I slid gracefully into management, at first for of a small group, and then a larger one, and then a multi-team, multi-site, multi-tiered, matrix-managed, scrum of scrum-butt style of organization. I have been and have worked with chickens and pigs and the whole rest of the zoo.

I have always worked in and around math but was never really “good at it”. I am NOT a good speller! I am music, I am rhythm, I am creative, I am a script-er, I speak geek.

I have noticed that I am aging and I my vision is not so great anymore. Years of ear bud injected music has hurt my hearing. And the attention sucking internet has cause me to have trouble focusing. So I say dump it all. Do something better. Get out and live.


Spend time with the children and with your parents before they have gone. I can hear the ticking of the wall clock now and I am reminded of the Hal 9000 in Space odyssey. Will I dream? Of course you will. All intelligent beings dream. Nobody knows why.