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I am an awesome architect, who will likely fail your technical interview. Is it because I don’t really care (yikes) or maybe I can’t handle the pressure or maybe I am real renaissance man and it takes concentration to pull specifics from my minds long-term?, secure?, durable? object storage (glacier).

I often wonder why this is. I am a guy who has designed many really interesting and sometimes complex systems. I have ideated, prototyped, implemented and patented all sorts of technology (well ok, mostly integration focused stuff). Early in my career I worked on system architecture and language implementation. Later I spent time designing application independent protocol interfaces and lots of network connectivity stuff. Then I spent time as a integration architect, creating mountains of software to enable client/server, ESB/Integration Adapter/SOA/REST and finally arriving at the cloud/ data integration/bigdata/complex event processing/analytic world  I defined, designed and coded lots of interfaces. I worked the UX and coded the UI. I spent years with c/c++/, java, javascript, declarative scripting and so much more. I’ve designed eclipse based tooling (plugins) out of sheer willpower. I created tons of script, and built out what we call dev/ops today as tools to make my work more efficient. I have been a technical manager, scrum master, mentor and chief digital officer helping companies to “think” differently for years.

My bae’s were guys like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs (and the dancing Woz), Philippe Kahn, Ray Noorda and later Craig Newmark, Jeff Bezos and Jack Dorsey (who was so cool 10 years ago), John Resig!

I straddle the line between technology, sales and marketing.  I am a looking for a place where I can engage my best self fully. Where I can bring my unique value to make a difference in the creation, marketing and selling of cloud based, containerized, IoT,  aware, micro-service based software components.

I am not only the person who conducts the symphony, but the one that typically scores it as well. I have been a developer since I was a teenager and I still jam to that vibe. I have been known to ideate, create, and advocate all in once. I Identify the trends, locate the influencers, build the tools and engage the community and customers. It turns out that I am really a technical sales architect that is been successfully working indirectly in channel (sales) between the light and dark sides of the force for years. This is not my first rodeo, as I am 2/3 of the way home. I work the fog and clear the way.

In a company of over a thousand people, you will only find a handful of true innovators. These people spend their time thinking about how do things better. They stumble up new techniques, tools, technologies and methodologies, each replete with absurd complexity and thru careful researching and sometimes hacking they absorb the concepts and often build interesting things of substance.   

I have been doing this for years. Who are you and what do you do? Perhaps we can build something together?

You have the floor.